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Rosewood Labradoodles breeding males are chosen for their gentle nature and loving personalities. Each male has excellent movement and good body structure. We health test each Rosewood breeding dog so we are assured we are offering you a healthy happy puppy that will mature into a delightful family companion for years of enjoyment.

Stud service is offered to approved breeders, please contact us at

Dreamweaver's Aiden at Rosewood Labradoodles

We are thrilled to announce the addition of Dreamweaver's Aiden to our breeding program. Aiden is such a gentle kind soul with the sweetest nature and loving
personality. Aiden just melts when you touch him and is always up for a good cuddle. Aiden has a beautiful soft, silky fleece coat and wonderful movement. Aiden is medium in size measuring 18 inches at the shoulder and weighing 28 pounds. Aiden has completed his hip, elbow, and CERF testing and is PRA clear through parentage. Aiden has produced some excellent puppies for us, passing on not only his gorgeous coat but his amazing mellow temperament.

Registered name:  Dreamweaver's Aiden
Registration numbers:  ALAA-017307
Call name:  Aiden

Rosewood Denali

We are so pleased Denali is joining our stud boys now that he has passed his health testing. Denali lives in a nearby guardian home and they can not say enough about this wonderful boy. He is extremely intelligent and intuitive along with being so gentle and loving with children. Denali's mother is our Macha Bella and his father is our Brown Sugar. He is a blend of two Labradoodles that truly have the qualities that make the Australian Labradoodles breed so well loved. We expect Denali to produce amazing family companions along with puppies that should have the qualities to enter the service or therapy line of work. Denali is standard in size with a gorgeous flowing soft fleece coat. Denali is in the 90th percentile for PennHip, elbows good, PRA clear through parentage and has passed his CERF testing.

Registered name:
  Rosewood Denali
Registration numbers:  ALAA-017530
Call name:  George

Rosewood Magnum

Rosewood Magnum lives in a wonderful guardian home. He is intelligent, intuitive, and very social. He has no problem capturing the heart and trust of everyone he meets. He is a gentle, loving boy and we are thrilled to be adding him to our breeding program. Magnum has completed his health testing and we were thrilled that he scored in the top 90% in his PennHIP scores. We are pleased to be able to add Magnum's assets to our breeding program.


                                                Registered name:  Rosewood Magnum
                                         Registration number:  ALAA-048759
                                         ALCA - C035-12052015-076-LD1
                                         Call name:  Buddy

Manor Lake Justin Bieber

Just look at that face and you can see why we are more than thrilled to add Manor Lake Justin Bieber (Morgan) to our breeding program. But more than good looks, Morgan offers the temperament we enjoy so much in our Australian Labradoodles. Morgan is extremely intelligent and has an amazingly sweet nature, being calm and gentle with a loving social personality. Morgan is a playful boy who just loves romping in the yard and playing with his toys. In the house we can usually find Morgan in front of the television, he just loves it! These qualities are what we breed for in our puppies. Morgan has a lovely soft fleece coat, cafe (possibly Parchment) in color and is medium in size. Morgan has passed his health testing and we are expecting some beautiful, intelligent, loving puppies from him soon.                        

Registered name: Manor Lake Justin Bieber
Registration number:  ALAA-021196
ALCA:  C061-07042010-089-LD1
Call name:  Morgan

Rosewood Scottie

How can anyone look at that face and and not fall in love! Scottie is a Cocoa (Rosewood HBJ Anastasia) and Dreamweaver's Aiden boy so of course he encompasses Cocoa's great boning and Aiden's amazing temperament. He is medium in size and has a stunning silky fleece cafe coat. Scottie has completed his health testing and has produced a little of spectacular puppies for us. We are thrilled to have Scottie as part of our breeding program.

Registered name:  Rosewood Scottie
Registration number:  ALAA-027182
ALCA:  C035-01272012-037-LD1
Call name:  Scottie

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