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We choose our breeding girls for their loving, sweet natured temperaments. At Rosewood Labradoodles we want to offer our adoptive families years of happiness. We health test our breeding dogs so we can offer you healthy, happy, allergy and asthma friendly family companions. Our dogs are beloved members of the family or live in approved guardian homes and never live in a kennel. We breed authentic Australian Labradoodles with lines going back to the originators of the breed in Australia.

Rosewood Adriana

Cora as a puppy

Rosewood Adriana (Cora) follows in her mother's (Dreamweaver's Boston Cream Pie) footsteps as being such a precious loyal "best friend". Cora is one of those dogs that truly lives to please her owner. We are more than thrilled to have this beautiful characteristic carried on in her puppies. 

Registered name:  Rosewood Adriana
Registration number:  ALAA-034986
ALCA:  C035-09052013-051-LB1
Call Name:  Cora

Rosewood Patsy

Rosewood Patsy - her personality is just as cute as her face! Patsy loves everyone she meets and truly enjoys life. She is playful and fun loving girl who knows there is as much joy in a cuddle as there is with a good game of fetch. Patsy will be starting her breeding career in 2015 and we can't wait to meet her babies!

Registered name:  Rosewood Patsy
Registration number:  ALAA-035027
ALCA:  C035-07052013-048-LB1
Call name:  Patsy

Rosewood Natalie

Dam:  Rosewood Zoie
Sire:  US Archie

Registered name:  Rosewood Natalie
Registration number:  ALAA-035343
ALCA:  C035-10312013-053-LB1
Call name:  Natalie

Rosewood Blossom

Dam:  Rosewood Miss Lily
Sire:  English Manor Jimmy Stewart

Registered name:  Rosewood Blossom
Registration number:  ALAA-035314
ALCA:  C035-08052013-049-LB1
Call name:  Blossom

Rosewood Red Rosie

Dam:  US Samantha
Sire:  Dreamweaver's Aiden

Registered name:  Rosewood Red Rosie
Registration Number:  ALAA-037691
ALCA:  C035-04142014-058-LB1
Call Name:  Rosie

Rosewood Basic Black with Bling

Rosewood Basic Black with Bling - beauty along with a calm and gentle nature. We call her Jackie, her registered name fits her look but a bit hard to say! Jackie is medium in size and her dam and sire are two of the sweetest and loving dogs in our breeding program. Sun Valley Lucy and Dreamweaver's Aiden. We are looking forward to Jackie passing on her beautiful temperament to her puppies. 

Registered name:  Basic Black with Bling
Registration number:  ALAA-040198
ALCA: C035-09152014-065-LB1
Call name:  Jackie

Rosewood Cambridge

Rosewood Cambridge is such a cutie! We call her Mini as she is just like her mother, Dreamweaver's Boston Cream Pie. Aiden is her father, and he passes on his amazing, sweet nature to his pups. We are really looking forward to mini producing some great pups for us.

Registered name: Rosewood Cambridge
Registration number:  ALAA-044428
ALCA:  C035-06172015-055-LB1
Call name:  Mini

Rosewood Nalani

Rosewood Nalani is not only beautiful on the outside, but the inside as well. She creates a very strong bond with her owner, is loyal and loving. Nalani is very intelligent and sweet natured. She has a wonderful stocky build and lovely fleece coat. We are looking forward to seeing Nalani's first litter, I am very confident she will be a great addition to our breeding program.

Registered name:  Rosewood Nalani
Registration number:  ALAA-048046
ALCA:  C035-10212015-072-LB1
Call name:  Lani

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